Invoices for Home + Business Mac Edition - Epic Fail!!


Like other peeps in this group, I'm looking to replace QuickBooks for Mac after 20yrs given they're moving to a $700 annually subscription for things I do not need for my consulting practice.

But I called Quicken and spoke with Mac specialist as generating estimates and invoices, then converting to pdfs given that I work with major corporations (they have their own AP systems I have to upload invoices to get paid ACH to my checking account) is a BIG PRIORITY!

Hence I did not upgrade from Classic for Mac which I use for my person financial mgt.

Don't need fancy things – just basic business reports, ability to build a 1099 contractor list and run their annual 1099s, and most definitely INVOICES + ESTIMATES!!


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    Quicken is not a business accounting financial software intended to meet most business needs. It is primarily a personal financial planning/reporting software with a few business capabilities, mostly geared toward home rentals and such. I get the impression that your expectation of what Quicken should be with regard to your business needs is not well aligned with what Quicken actually is.

    While I do agree that QMac's offering of Business & Personal (the renamed Home & Business) had a big miss by not including the invoicing function in the initial release, your other stated business needs, such as the 1099 stuff and perhaps other things, lead me to wonder if your business would probably be better served by some other normal business accounting software that competes (at least to some degree) with QuickBooks. From what discussions I have been involved in and read, I get the impression that most other QuickBooks users looking for a less expensive alternative to QuickBooks have also reached the conclusion that Quicken is not going to meet their business needs and very likely never will….at least, not at any time in the foreseeable future.

    Quicken Classic Premier (US) Subscription: R57.16 on Windows 11

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