Quicken 2016, unable to reconcile - also bill reminders not entering data


Problem #1:

Seems Quicken has forgotten how to do math.

When I go to reconcile my accounts, manually clicking on the item to clear it does not update the total. That is to say I can clear all the items, but the cleared balance will remain unchanged from when I started. If I click done, it will ask if I want to enter a correction value to make the balance equal.

I did notice that if I go and edit transactions during reconcile, sometimes Quicken will remember how to do the math again.

Problems #2:

When I click on the bill reminders to enter them into the register, sometimes it does not get entered. It will disappear from the reminder window, but not record it and I have to manually enter it.

Both of these issues just recently showed up. Tried working from a backup data file with now change (affects all accounts/users).

Running Windows 11.


  • NotACPA
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    What type(s) of accounts are you experiencing this with?

    Have you double-checked that the Opening Balance in the account(s) wasn't changed. A bug in Q sometimes causes this.

    To see if this is the case,
    Restore a backup created from before the situation began. Use a DIFFERENT file name so as to not overwrite your current file.

    Write down, from the restored file, the Opening Balance in each impacted account and compare that to your current file.

    To make this simpler in the future (in case it happens again) write down that correct amount in the Memo field of each Opening Balance txn.

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  • tpcf
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    Thank you for the reply, to answer your questions:

    Happens on all accounts and different users: saving, chequing and credit cards.

    Opening balance was/is just fine - everything looks "normal" when starting the reconcile. Will start to work correctly, if some entries are edited during the reconcile - change not needed, just have to "enter" through the fields, sometimes only 1, sometimes you have to due several.

    A restored backup was tried and the same thing happened. Even considered that maybe the data base was too big - the first 10 years was removed and new opening balanced adjusted so everything was correct.

  • thund3rb1rd
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    Oddly enough, i just recently started having the same problems at about the same time.

    Transactions entered from the calendar just disappear two, three, four times… or more. Matter of fact, it really doesn't matter how they're entered, they simply disappear.

    Currently using QW2002 R2 but database was originally created using Quicken 98 and just carried on by annual validations and normal Quicken EOY processes.