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Robin Lee
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I am a looong time quicken user since the very first quicken program released (can't remember year) Currently running UTD subscription and use quicken daily. I have a Windows 11 and super fast computer running google chrome. So, over the past few months I have been getting .dat files on my desktop which is incredibly annoying. I have read discussions and tried several solutions. None of them have worked for me. But I think they don't work is because I don't under the solutions very well. Is there anyone who can type the step by step instructions to move files? or have a quicken support phone number? When I did try deleting or moving, the .dat file just reappeared on my desktop. the .dat file I currently have is


In addition, for some reason I seem to have 20130508.PM12.20Cpy as my main icon for quicken

I understand I can delete them and if I can delete them, why is quicken even creating them?

Thank you Robin Lee


  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    The .DAT files are created in the same directory (folder) where your .QDF data file lives. I assume yours is on your desktop. Move your data file elsewhere and the .DAT files will follow. They'll still be created, but you won't have to see them.

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  • Robin Lee
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    they didn't follow, next time I backed up they appeared on desktop

  • NotACPA
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    Is your backup file on the desktop?

    And, previously created .DAT files won't move when you move the QDF … but new ones should go to the directory that holds the QDF.

    And, after you move the QDF, take a just-in-case backup, and you can delete those DAT files from your desktop.

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