Credit card accounts not reconciling


VR56.9 Build

Prior to going on a vacation 10 days ago, quicken was reconciling my accounts fine. I came back yesterday and in updating Quicken, two of my credit card accounts did not reconcile. They are both off by huge amounts. I matched up all charges since the last reconciliation and do not see any omissions. What am I missing?


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    Do you have a backup that was created prior to this issue? RESTORE that, to a different filename so as to not overwrite your current file, and record from that file the OPENING Balance in each misbehaving account.

    Compare those figures to the amounts in your current file? If they're not the same, correct the OB in the current file to what you wrote down. Does that help with the reconciliation? There's a bug that sometimes causes the OB to be changed in accounts during downloads.

    If a change in the OB isn't the issue, how does the Prior Balance in the reconciliation dialog compare to the closing balance on your prior statement? Also, that Prior Balance is a calculated, not stored, amount. It's the sum of all txn in the account with an "R" in the CLR field. So if any txn were manually changed to/from "R" status, or any "R" txn were deleted or added, the Prior Balance will be changed.

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