Is there ANY way to set up a repeating bill and pay it?


Is there ANY way to set ap a repeating bill and pay it?


  • Tom Young
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    "Reminders" are the way you create repeating bills (and income), establishing the entire transaction as you wish to see in in Quicken. Quicken can simply "remind" you of the transaction some days before it should be entered into Quicken, or actually make the entry into the Account you've selected.

    Tools > Manage Bill & Income Reminders > Add

    As far as actually paying the bill in Quicken you can use Quicken's bill paying services (Quicken Bill Manager), you can establish auto payment via the biller (if the biller offers this service) and, if your bank offers a bill pay service and uses Direct Connect as the downloading method, there's a chance you can initiate the payment right within Quicken itself. (Some banks do use Direct Connect and offer a bill paying service, but that feature is not connected to Quicken.)

  • Randy 415
    Randy 415 Windows Beta Beta

    Not with Quicken Bill Manager. You would need to use your bank Quicken Bill Pay thru Direct Connect, and pay the bank fee.