Reconcile a cash account


I've always reconciled my big accounts. I have an account for pocket cash and its inflows and payments. I never have reconciled it (CLR) the lines. I ran a report the other day that had an expense paid from that account and it was not greyed out because it was not CLR'd. How do I reconcile the account. There is no reconcile option in the accounts actions area?


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    To "Reconcile" means to Compare (the observed to the expected)… and for a Cash Account there's nothing to compare to, which is why there's no Reconcile option.

    You can only "count the cash" and then use the Gear icon in the upper right of your register and "Update balance" to bring the account into agreement with what you counted.

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    You can always manually change the Clr status of any transaction to what you need -blank, c, or R. You can also select a group of transactions and change the status for the group. (FWIW, all my transactions in my one ‘cash’ account are blank in the Clr status. I do not use the preference to Gray the reconciled transactions.)