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I am using Quicken Classic Starter Edition for Windows R56.9. This issue is driving me nuts. My checking account at E*TRADE shows a different (current) balance than Quicken. All my debits/credits for May have cleared both in my Quicken register and my checking account. There are NO pending transactions (bill pay, etc.) scheduled, yet there is a $74.14 difference between these two (Quicken shows more $$ in the account). I have compared every transaction between the ETrade account and the Quicken register for May and cannot find what is causing this difference. I know that when I reconcile my May statement, Quicken will show that difference and prompt me to enter an adjustment which is not the way to reconcile an account. Many thanks in advance.


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    Have you checked the Opening Balance in the account? There's a known bug in Q that, sometimes, causes that amount to be changed.

    To determine if this is the issue, RESTORE a backup created before the issue occurred (save it to a different name so as to not over-write your current file) and record the correct Opening Balance in the account. Then compare that to the OB in your current account.

    Going back in your E*Trade statements, when was the last time that Q and the statements agreed? Because if the OB isn't the issue, then the problem happened after that last agreement date … which may be a while back.

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