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I use a microsoft surface pro with a monitor. Yesterday an automatic update installed and I am suddenly unable to work with registers. For instance when I am in a check register and the window with suggestions for payee or tag or account pops up, half of the window is off the screen and the rest is an exagerated size probably three quarters of the window size. I can't read the pop up window because it half of it is missing and it obliterates my entry area. I encountered this before when I had increased text sizes but everything on the monitor and laptop is set to recommended settings now. The solution that resolved this in the past was to make the monitor the main display. That no longer works. The display on the laptop does display correctly but even with my bifocals, the text is too small for me to work with. I know this is a MS Surface issue but I am hoping someone has found a solution.


  • eshoaff
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    I stumbled upon a partial solution or workaround. One has to use only one of the displays. I routinely leave the Quicken home screen open on the small Surface display and work on the monitor display. By moving the home screen to the monitor all my windows open to the correct size and proportion.

  • Chris_QPW
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    There is along standing bug in Quicken Windows where it looks at the main display for the size instead of the one it is actually on. And it is “barely” multiple monitor aware especially if your monitors change. One workaround that works for most of these cases is to set the monitor that Quicken is on as the main display.

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