Problem with printing checks


Have recently had my Internet equipment replaced due to problem with the existing equipment. Have had a new Router installed and have updated the necessary files. Since then, have been unable to print checks on my printer. Have used the window to type in the necessary information in order to print the check. What is the problem.


  • NotACPA
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    Are you saying that you connect to the printer wirelessly? And that you can print from other applications? Can you print reports from Q?

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  • djsmyth
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    yes, printer connected wirelessly and have no problem printing other documents. Can set up the check to print but when clicking the print button, it goes back to the quicken page showing all the accounts. As mentioned, had to have whole internet equipment replace including a new router. On checking the connection in the bottom right side of the screen to see the connection it does show it the internet connection connected.

  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    Did your check printer perhaps get a new LAN IP address assigned via DHCP thanks to having a new router? Maybe Quicken can't find it until you use Check Printer Setup to tell Quicken where the printer is.

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  • RDA
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    Also having issues printing checks with Quicken Classic for Windows 11. Program would freeze and require a force quit. Spent an hour+ on a chat with Quicken support yesterday. Agent tried to blame the issue on everything BUT Quicken: it's the file location, it's the OS, it's the printer…

    Frustrated by the experience, I chose to roll back to R55. Problem immediately solved. Please Quicken…you are the experts. Problems are already frustrating enough. It's disappointing when the user knows the answers your so-called support reps do not.

  • RDA
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    For those with similar issues, here's the link to older versions. I chose R55.12 (rolling back from the most recent R56.9) which solved my check printing woes.

  • UKR
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    BTW, before reinstalling Quicken, have you simply tried to redefine your printer in Quicken?

    • Before starting Quicken make sure that the printer is powered up and Windows has had time to properly discover and recognize it under its possibly new IP address. Print a Printer Test Page.
    • In Quicken perform this:
      Click File Menu / Validate file. Select only "Reset all printer settings" and click OK.
      Restart Quicken.
      Click File Menu / Printer Setup. Setup your printer for "Printing reports".
      If you print checks, also setup for "Printing Checks" making sure to select the correct Check Style and running some alignment tests.