Ever going to get a report for Budget Vs. Actual, for a specifiable time period?

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Still surprised that this doesn't exist. It seems to be one of the main reasons one would make a budget in the first place. I can get some of the information in the Budget window, but I can't specify the time frame, so I have to do a lot of eyeballing or figuring off to the side, to get the "real" numbers. I wish I could just create a report, and print it out, and review it…. I found an old post on these discussion boards that said that this is in Development, but that was years ago. For a financial product this ubiquitous and successful, having a Budget Vs Actual report on the Reports menu seems like a no-brainer. Anyone have word on whether this is in Development (or is there an easy workaround)?



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    @audsquad According to the Idea thread (feature request) for this, it is "Planned". All we can determine from that status is that the developers agree with users about implementing the idea, that they have researched it to estimate how much time it will take to implement, and that they have assigned it a particular slot of time on their development schedule. We don't know when they think it will be ready; we don't know whether developers have been working on this for the past three months or whether it is yet to get started. In theory, we should see this sometime within the next year, but that theory doesn't always prove accurate!

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