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I'm on Quicken Classic Deluxe for Windows 10 Home, version R56.9, build

I've been a Quicken user since 1994 so I am very familiar with how Quicken works.

Recently I have been trying to make it easier to view my split items without clicking into each one. I noticed in the mouse over when the window pops up the columns displayed are "Category - Tag - Amount" however I have all tags in my entire file turned off (I hate tags). Seems to me that the "Memo" should be available for viewing in that column instead of "Tag" but I cannot find where to select that as an option.

If the Memo data would show up in the mouse over it would save me from having to click in to each and every split item just to see the breakdown for that transaction…am I wrong in thinking this?

Attached are two screenshots, one showing the mouse over and one showing I have Tags unchecked.

Please advise….thanks,


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    guessing it's a hard coded popup