Account Titles Keep Changing to "N/A"


some of my account titles keep changing back to "N/A" no matter how many times I edited the titles in Account titles. It affects iissue with accounts. Thinking it was an issue with my backup, I tried making my back up save locally instead of Cloud ( p(perstomer support contact). However, the same problem appeared. I also attempted edit to edit which changed the displayed account title. However after re-opening Quicken the same" N/A Quicken title appeared. I've been using Quicken for over 25 years, however if I can't get this issue fixed. I'm done and will search for another vendor.,


  • NotACPA
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    That sounds like a SERIOUSLY corrupted Q data file. Have you tried taking a backup and then Validating your file? SuperValidating?

    Additionally, you might need to revert to a backup that was created before this began. Which will necessitate re-downloading/re-inputting all transactions since the backup was created.

    When Restoring that backup, save it to a different name so as to not overwrite your current file … then Validate the restored file also.

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