Receiving negative balance after closing account


I closed a Fidelity JTWROS account and transferred the funds to an individual one for my son. I ran the One-Step update at the end of May (the closure happened in mid-May). Quicken did the removal of the securities and the transfers to the new account (which is not part of my Quicken accounts) yet the old account is now showing a negative balance instead of $0. How do I zero it out?


  • NotACPA
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    1st thing to do is to open the account and see what's causing the incorrect amount.

    How you correct it depends upon what caused the problem.

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  • russlipkin
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    Thank you. I went through 5 years worth of transactions from Fidelity & discovered I had marked the wrong accounts transferred from (in 2022). That was the discrepancy. I downloaded CSV files by year to make scrolling through & comparing with my Q registry a little easier.