No longer able to install and use Quicken 2017.


I recently purchased a refurbished Thinkpad X390 to replace my beat up Yoga X390 and now Quicken is refusing to allow me to install my legitimate copy of Quicken 2017 Home and Business which is working fine on my other Windows 11 and 10 systems unless I purchase a subscription. I have never and never will use cloud services or download my transactions.

Since this has started all I have been given is a rude run around by Quicken tech support while they attempt to strong arm me into buying a subscription. This my software and should be allowed to install and use it as purchased on any machine that supports it.

I have already downloaded and imported my data into GnuCash which is doing the job surprisingly well.

This is my portable laptop which I take with me on the road and use at the coffee table and shame on you Quicken for trying to strong arm me in purchasing a subscription I don't need or want.

I've been using your software since Quicken 99 and me thinks it's time to speak with Consumer Affairs.

Shame on you.


  • Ps56k2
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    You purchased a license to use Quicken for 3 years - back in 2017 - which then expired in 2020 -
    During that timeframe, Quicken went thru a business transition - being sold off from Intuit -
    Therefore - your 2017 software is attempting to contact Intuit servers, that no longer exist - with an Intuit ID - that no longer exists.

    There are several other postings regarding "installing" Quicken 2017 - you can search and review them for any workarounds -

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    Thanks, but I'm way ahead of you on that one. None of the so called workarounds actually work. Now I'm stuck using Quicken 2017 on my Workstation only. There is no excuse for not being able to install and use my current version of Quicken. Fortunately Gnucash is a acceptable alternative and worthy of a donation.

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    WHY don't they work for you? Those suggestions have worked for MANY others.

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