How do I create multiple 3-levels for Category Group? (edit)


I have some Quickbooks expierence. With the Chart of Account (categories), I can drill down in the profit / loss statement to identify spending problems. Likewise in Quicken, I've set up multiple levels Essential/Household/Insurance Home & Auto, Elective/Personal/Entertainment, . . . etc, each category is typically has 3 levels as shown in the two examples. However in budget and reports, the sub categories don't exist

Can category groups have 3 levels?


  • Jim_Harman
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    Quicken only has one level of Category Groups and some reports and features, particularly in the budget area, allow you to filter or subtotal using those groups. There are a few built-in groups and you can create more if you want.

    You can't create sub-groups, but within a Category you can create multiple levels of sub-Categories.

    Using your example, Essential would be a Category Group, Household would be a Category, and Insurance Home & Auto would be a Subcategory.

    When setting up your budget, I think you must add the subcategories to include in each Category group explicitly using the Manage budget Categories button. You may get strange results if you try to mix income and expense categories in the same Group.

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