Wells Fargo download missing memo field


OS: Running Windows 10

quicken classic deluxe Version R56.9 build

BANK: Wells Fargo

USING: "express web connect"

Since Wells Fargo did the migration I haven't been getting the memo field. The quicken support staff suggested using the "Downloaded Payee" field to see memo information. This gave a truncated memo text. Last month Wells Fargo change the text for this payee field, now there is no memo text at all.

I can't believe I'm the only person that uses the MEMO field to identify transactions.

Has anyone found a work around for getting the memo field?


  • NotACPA
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    Are you showing the Memo field in your account register?

    If you click the GEAR icon in the upper right of your register and check "Register columns", what happens when you check the "Downloaded Memo" box?

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  • nanjaneb1
    nanjaneb1 Member

    thanks for the feedback. The memo box is checked.

    Any otther thoughts?

  • QuickUserPSP
    QuickUserPSP Member, Windows Beta Beta

    @nanjaneb1 - if they said to use the download payee field to see the memo field, that is incorrect. There is a "Downloaded Memo" register column available to use as @NotACPA mentioned. That would be my only suggestion as well.

    Also, just for reference and fyi, I am using Direct Connect for all my Wells Fargo accounts, and the memo field is downloading just fine.

  • UKR
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    In Edit Account Details / Online Services Tab for the WF account, there's a checkbox "Don't update Memo when downloading". If this box is checked, uncheck it and see if there's an impact on freshly downloaded transactions.

    Other than that …
    If a bank changes their website, they need to coordinate this change with Intuit as the download service provider, preferably BEFORE they implement the change.

  • nanjaneb1
    nanjaneb1 Member

    thank you to everyone for your suggstions.

    I think I'm stuck with a change that wells fargo has made in how info is being transferred and Quicken hasn't been able or unwilling to make the software changes needed to accommodate the changes.

    When I manually download transactions from wells fargo into and xcel spreadsheet the "payee field" contains transaction info plus the entire memo text. So the info is there but quicken download/translation of data doesn't pick it up.