Report not showing entries with multiple tags


I created a report that shows the dollars allotted for specific tags. The report is essentially a running total for the specific tags. This works as expected with the report including all transactions with the selected tags, if the transaction only has one tag.

The problem is when I have multiple tags on a transaction and the report is configured to include transactions with one of the tags, but not the others. In this case, the transaction does not show up. Is this expected?




  • Jon
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    I don't see that. If I have a transaction with two tags, it shows up on a report that includes just one of those tags. Which report are you looking at where this is happening?

  • mpdharley
    mpdharley Member

    It is a custom summary report, all categories, all dates and specific tags. One of the two tags is in the report, the other is not.

  • jacobs
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    When I create a Summary report by Tags, and I specify Tag A and Tag B, my Summary report contains three rows:
    Tag A,
    Tag A, Tag B
    Tag B

    I believe it does this so each transaction is counted only once: Tag A, Tag B, and Tags A & Tab B. Otherwise, the total of the report would be meaningless because transactions with two tags would be counted twice.

    Now, let's say I uncheck Tag A from the report. I will see two rows:
    Tag A, Tag B
    Tag B

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