No transaction history on security detail view

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Windows R48.9, probably recent occurence but not sure when.

I have 6 different custodial accounts , each holding the same 2 mutual funds. The account details shows that I have "complete" tracking method selected for each. However, in the Security Detail review for each account, 1 of the mutual funds shows past transactions correctly but in each account the other mutual fund shows no prior transaction history (it does show the price history). All the transactions show up correction in the transactions register, it's just the Security Detail Review where they do not show up. I think this is a Quicken issue rather than a mutual fund company issue, since the transactions are clearly downloaded to Quicken?


  • Jim_Harman
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    It sounds like you may have two similarly named securities, perhaps one is hidden.

    Go to Tools > Security list and check the Show Hidden box to look for a second security with a name similar to the problem one that has the transactions that are missing.

    This may be a mismatch, or you may actually hold 2 different share classes of the fund.

    If that is the case, post back for further instructions.

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