Online balance in Quicken does not match mine OR the actual online balance!?


This has been going on for months now and at first I thought it must be something I'm doing or not doing, but it's really hampering me reconciling my account.

My Register and the balance on the bank's site agree BUT the "online balance" at the bottom of the quicken screen does not agree! NOTHING is outstanding but I can't reconcile it because the bank's online balance and Quicken's online balance do not match. Like I said, my register and the bank's website agree…..It's just Quicken's online balance that is wrong. What the heck??? How do I keep this from happening?! TIA


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    The "Online Balance" is a downloaded, not calculated, figure. It comes from your FI's.

    SO, do you have "Pending Transactions" turned on (EDIT, Preferences, Pending Transactions)? There's several known issues with that new feature … also it's possible that your bank may not be including them in the Online Balance.

    If it's on, I'd suggest turning it off.

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    My Register and the balance on the bank's site agree…

    which Register balance - there are 3 at the bottom ?
    and looking at the bank website - are there Pending transactions ?

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