Fidelity CD prices and quantity.


When the CD prices are downloaded, they are NOT shown as $1 or less. The decimal point is in the wrong place. Therefore the values are overstated by $millions. Quicken claims they only down load what is in Fidelity database and Fidelity claim their database is correct. Therefore, I have to manually change all the prices. Lately, when a CD matures, the wrong quantity is sold. Rather than 1000 unit, 100 is removed. Has anyone have or has this issue?


  • NotACPA
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    What's the face value of the CD? How many "units" of CD did you record in Q?

    And, some brokerages (don't know about Fidelity) download CD quotes as $100's … which would mean that a $1k CD would be recorded as 10 units

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  • baddabing
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    Thanks for the response. I don't think that's the answer because some get recorded correctly. a CD 11,000 @ $1.00 would be recorded as $100 market value $1,100,000 ….. when sold quantity reduced to 100 and 10,900 would be left in the account