Multiple Quicken files open simultaneously


This is not a new suggestion or question but I can't seem to find much feedback about it. Is there any expectation of when this might happen?

Windows 10


  • NotACPA
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    Probably never. Would require a MAJOR re-write of Q's architecture.

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  • mshiggins
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    What are you trying to do that needs two files open at thr same time?

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  • BK
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    I second the prior comments and will add some additional info which you may already know. There is a pretend way to do this using a Virtual Machine (VM).

    One example, a few years ago my data file got corrupted. I needed to start with a new file and import all the data. So I had my new data file open on my main screen and simultaneously the old one open in a VM on my extended monitor (disconnected the VM from the Internet). That way I was able to easily review the transactions and cross reference, copy/paste, etc. Just giving you a very short version.

    Another example is that you can open two different Quicken files (yours and spouse's), one on your main PC and the other on the VM - as if you are using two computers side by side.

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