Quicken for Mac not downloading from any bank at all anymore!


For months, every time I use Quicken, I have to re-authorize almost every account - BofA, Chase, Citi, Discover, CapOne, WF, BMO, USBank, etc. Today, not one account downloads a single transaction, even my trusty Credit Union. is this the end of Quicken for Mac? More than 20 years, but now faster to just enter purchases and deposits in a spreadsheet.


  • jacobs
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    It still works for me, including today! And based on comments (or lack thereof) here, it's still working for most people. There are always financial institutions with disruptions, but not complete inability to download from anywhere. These types of problems are hard to diagnose and discuss in a forum like this, so I suggest you call Quicken Support (link at the top of the page) so they can walk through it with you and hopefully get you back in operation mostly or fully.

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