NVDA stock "removed" by Quicken after split

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I previsouly accepted the stock split dialoge in quick update and everthing looked fine. This morning after a quick update I find that quicken has as transaction categorised as "Removed" and my share balance has been reduced by 88%. I went to ETrade to look for a corresponding transaction and I see one and the transaction type is "Reorganization", but my holdings are correct and there's no dollar ammount associated with the transaction. What the heck??? Do I wait for Quicken to make some type self-adjustment in a future update or just manually correct it?


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    " but my holdings are correct and there's no dollar ammount associated with the transaction. "

    I assume that what you are saying here is that your holdings BEFORE the Removed Action were correct.

    If my assumption is correct then I'd say the answer to your question is to manually delete the Removed transaction and all should be fine.

    Quicken really has no "self correction" method beyond creating a Placeholder if the number of shares reported by the broker are different than what Quicken has calculated as your current number of shares and a Placeholder can only deal with "number of shares", not the cost basis associated with those shares.

    A Removed action transaction has no explicit dollar amount associated with it, it simply "vanishes" some number of shares, and the cost basis of those shares vanishes too.

    One take away from your experience is that simply cannot blindly rely on "downloads" to "do your accounting for you" and keep your Quicken Account properly stated. Ultimately you're the one that has to decide if any transaction downloaded by Quicken is a correct entry, one that you want to accept into your Transaction List (Register).

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    I have this same issue; I was going to just delete the 'removed' transaction, but wanted to check here first (before reporting the issue.)

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    I agree you can't rely totally on Quicken to keep every thing as it should be. I start the day reviewing transactions. Just hadn't seen this one before and figured I'd run it by the group before I messed with it. I did just delete the entry, and all seems fine for now.

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