Category by Month for year with Month columns left-to-right - no longer possible after recent update

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What am I missing? Is there no longer a way to do this? I tried in the preview reporting and then switched back to the original since the new version requires me to use a magnifying glass to view the contents of the reports dialog.

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  • Richard Schreyer
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    Use the spending by category report

  • NotACPA
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    @Fletch200 You're showing/comparing 2 different reports. I.E., an invalid comparison. How about showing us the Interest Income report in the new version?

    And, WHICH new version? Do HELP, About Quicken to see your current Version.

    Lastly, it looks to me like you've created customized reports … because my YTD Groceries report doesn't include "Groceries" in the title.

    I'm currently on R56.9

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  • Fletch200
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    Thank you both! I can't reproduce the issue at the moment but I had edited an old report to include some additional categories. Instead of saving it under a new name I replaced the older report - somehow before realizing the columns were not right. That alone seems dumb because I should have noticed that. So I switched back to old reporting, edited the one remaining old report that was similar with just different categories, adjusted the categories and saved it under a different name. But again, I'm unable to reproduce how I got into the original mess. I need to start recording my screen when I try anything new in Quicken!

    In any event, 'spending by category' is what I was missing. Those reports were so old I'd forgotten what they were derived from.

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