Quicken Business & Personal (B&P) with PNC vs Quicken Premiere bill payment options (edit)

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I have been using Classic B&P for a long time but am thinking about changing banks from PNC with its Direct Connect service to a bank that doesn't offer Direct Connect but does the typical allow up/download of transactions on its accounts. Thinking I could now use Quickens check payment services instead on the Classic Premiere version.

I see that the Classic B&P currently offers a Bill Manager Standard service with Check Pay (5x month) and Quick Pay (12 x month). If you need more, it is $3 a month for 3 more Check Pay and 3 more Quick Pay. I send maybe 10-14 checks a month via Direct Connect today.

I don't have a personal businesses anymore so I'm thinking of "downgrading" to Classic Premiere as it says if offers its Bill Pay. That leads me to my questions as the website is not clear and haven't found an answer by search.


1. I cannot find if there are any limitations or costs associated with the Bill Pay in Classic Premiere version beyond the "monthly/annual" charge for the overall package. Is there something additional, similar to the Bill Manager Standard that's mentioned above for the Classic B&P option?

2. Can I even downgrade from Classic B&P to a Classic Premiere version?

3. The Bill Pay reminds of the old Check Free service of long ago when banks didn't offer the Direct Connect. Is this one and the same?

Appreciate any suggestions in this matter.