Add Stock Count SubTotal to Security Reports

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I frequently want to see the total number of shares for a specific security across each of my investment accounts. I'd love to see a subtotal for the Stocks column added to the Security Report.

See attached image

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  • q_lurker
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    If you specify a more selective time frame (YTD, Last year, 2020, etc.) that total would seem to become meaningless or confusing. You had a net change in that selected time frame of so many shares. So what? A stock split would also seem to throw a wrench into a simple summation.

    This report is really just a pre-customized version of an investment transactions report. I suspect there are specific reasons the original programmers opted away from that summation.

  • NotACPA
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    @q_lurker Agreed that for less than all dates one held a particular security, it could be confusing/misleading.

    BUT, if "All Dates" is selected, that figure would be nice to have.

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