Quicken Classic Premier Windows not adding Gold to portfolio. Version R57.16 Build


I've seen in serveral threads that we should be able to have quicken track gold and sivlver using sympols that begin with ^. When I try to add ^XAUUSD for gold, it doesn't find it initially and i have to use the next prompt to "Add Security to Quicken". When I do this, it finds in the symols list, I select, and then I get a message that quicken will add it. I say "done" and then it adds nothing and I'm back to where I started. My Quicen is current on updates. Did it work before? Has it stopped working? Any ideas?


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    not sure of your method - but here is what I did for our silver coins -
    1 - added each of the new "^" securities to the Add Security list - to represent the 1oz price of each precious metal
    2 - created a manual Quicken asset account -
    3 - added silver coins to the Quicken account - using the concept of 1 share = 1oz ….
    So each 1oz coin was 1 share, and a 5oz bar was 5 shares

    ALSO - if you have this account setup as Separate or Hidden - then the Holdings will NOT show any of the ^silver holdings

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    @paulbdiver OK, you added gold to your security list … but did you BUY, or ADD, Gold to your holdings in an account in Q?

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    I think i may have figured it out. I had previously used a ticker of GLD with the security name Gold with current holdoing. I think it was failing to add the new one because Gold was already in use. An error message would have been helpful vs. just nothing happeining.

    I just modified the changed the ticker from GLD to ^XAUUSD and i think i'm good now.

    Thanks all for your input!!

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    I say "done" and then it adds nothing and I'm back to where I started.

    Usually when that “adds nothing” happens, it is because a security already exists with that name or with that ticker in your file. Make sure you are viewing hidden securities in your security list.