wiped laptop


My laptop recently crashed and Dell had to wipe my machine and reinstall the Operating System. I am a long-term customers of Quicken, not very techie, but need help getting Quicken back on my system. Please advise.


  • NotACPA
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    How did you install Q most recently? Via disk, or download? In either event, repeat that process, which will get you back the program.

    RE: your data, I hope that you've got a recent backup that was saved to something OTHER than your hard drive. Simply use FILE, View/Restore Backups.

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  • jeeper
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    more important - do you have any backups of your various laptop data - docs, photos,, data, software, etc -
    If so - you can just copy some of those /Document/ folders back onto the new disk…. just for the data -

    For Quicken - if you were using the latest Subscription -
    you can merely go to the Quicken website, log into your Quicken ID and download the current version.
    or - download & install from the manual update on the Quicken Support webpage -