Add on to post in Classic Quicken re flags being set to cleared incorrectly


I have noticed many times, that when I manually enter a transaction using a previously entered transaction Quicken suggested as I entered the Payee field information, the CLR field is also copied into the new, just being entered, transaction. This should not happen as it is almost impossible to reconcile a transaction before it is entered.

One of the Community members in Classic Quicken said it never happens to him.

It happens to me in both versions so it is still in the Mac beta version 7.8.0.

If you cannot reproduce it, I can show it happening on a screen share.


  • RickO
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    Check in Window > Payees & Rules > Quickfill rules and see if there's a Quickfill rule for the payee. If so, see if the Mark as Cleared box is checked. This will cause the transaction to be marked as cleared whenever the rule is applied:

    Also, in Quicken > Settings > Register, you may want to disable automatic creation of QuickFill rules (or at least don't Save All Fields) which may have been what caused this to happen without you being aware:

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  • jacobs
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    @mrooney I replied in your other thread:

    I've experienced a few manually-entered transactions showing the Cleared checkbox, and I didn't understand why, but I dug into the rules and found I did indeed have a QuickFill Rule for that particular Payee, with the "Marked as Cleared" checkbox checked. I don't remember creating such a rule, but there it was. I unchecked the box in the rule or deleted the rule (I forget which), and I've never seen it again.

    I know you said you have no QuickFill rules, so forgive me for asking if you have actually looked at Window > Payees & Rules, clicked on the QuickFill Rules tab, and looked to see if a rule might have been created inadvertently.

    What you describe really sounds like you have QuickFill rules being created ifor some Payees even though you weren't aware of it. Please go to Window > Payees & Rules and click on the QuickFill Rules tab to see if there are any QuickFill Rules there.

    If you cannot reproduce it, I can show it happening on a screen share.

    No one here can do a screen share with you. For that, you need to call Quicken Support; they have the tools, and you give them the permission, to screen share with you. This site is fellow Quicken users (like me) and a handful of Quicken moderators who keep things organized and answer some questions, but they aren't set up to be able to do live screen sharing sessions with users.

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