quicken update problem with laptop (secondary travel computer system)


Every time I allow a quicken update on my laptop, it saves the week old file over the current file and I have to go searching for or recreate current data files. Why can't it tell which file is current and ask before it replaces new with old?


  • Jon
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    Windows or Mac?

  • jacobs
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    On Quicken Mac, installing an update shouldn't make any change in identifying your current data file; the name and location of the data file is stored in a preference file which is separate from the application program and your data file. It would be unusual, but I guess it's possible your Preference file isn't being updated correctly, and is pointing to an older data file. One way to test that would be to remove the current Preference file, but that would also mean you'd have to check and re-configure some of your Settings — and you can't really test it until the next update becomes available.

    Is the data file it opens a different name from your current data file? If you go to File > Open Recent, is your newer, most-current data file in the list of recently-opened files? (If a different file has opened, the previous file would be the second one in the pop-up menu.)

    But I just re-read the subject line of you post about having this problem on a secondary laptop computer, so that bring sup more questions. When you install the update on your primary (home) computer, does it install and re-open the current data file successfully? How are you moving your current data file between the main home computer and the secondary laptop? Are you moving the actual .quicken data file, a .zip copy of the data file, or a .quickenbackup file from one computer to the other. (Two of those are good practices, the first one isn't; we can go into that if it's relevant.) When you move the data file to the laptop, are you opening it there before you install the update? Walk us through your exact steps and maybe it will reveal something which needs to be tweaked in how you're doing this.

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