Vanguard CashPlus downloading?


Anyone able to have Quicken download Vanguard's new CashPlus accounts properly?



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    Why don't you start by telling what issues you're having with the download. Including any error messages or codes.

    Also, what Q product are you running? What BUILD of that product (found at HELP, About Quicken)? And what method of downloading (found at TOOLS, Account List)?

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  • markus1957
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    Vanguard is the source of the problem, not Quicken. Downloads will not work "properly" until Vanguard treats the Cash Holding consistently as they do with their MMFs. They treat "Vanguard Cash Plus" as a holding when downloading Buys, Sells, Interest but they do not report it as a Holding (reporting shares held) and instead treat it as cash in the portfolio table. That results in holdings mis-match warnings after OSU and in Online Center.

    I have gotten it to work by deleting the Buy/Sell downloads and just treating it as cash. If you also hold one of the MMFs offered in the account those download and report as actual holdings when using Online Center, Compare to Portfolio. Since I use it for paying some bills and want to project cash flow to maintain a sufficient cash balance to pay them, I resorted to using the "Show cash in a checking account" option in Account Details so that the cash balance can be tracked in the Projected Cash Flow graph.

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    I gave up on it a month or so back . My rep took the problelms up the line but came back with nothing. They clearly could care less.

    BTW, As I remember I also found that when they booked nterest income they never added the amount to their cashplus security. It just sort of disappeared. They also did not include the name of the bill payer on the quicken download or in the email they sent out sayng a bill had been paid.

    Too bad as the concept was a good one for paying bills via an account that paid above average interest. My sense is that they believe its main advantage is FDIC coverage, which isn't what attracted me to it.

    New CEO coming there has a real challenge in terms of getting their web/data suport up to where it should be. Today for example, my direct connect wth Vanguard suddenly reduced all of my treasury holdings by small amounts for no reason.

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