Link New Loan From Online Synch to Existing


There are three reasons for this request:

-There is not an option to Add Online Service for an existing mortgage account.

-When adding a new Online Account, you cannot link to an existing mortgage account.

-There was a recent issue between online services from LakeView/LoanCare Mortgage servicers, that at one point in troubleshooting I removed the Online service.

The online service connection between Quicken and Lakeview is now corrected, but when I try to add another account I cannot re-link it. I do not want to create a new account, and start my tracking all anew. Please add the option to link to an existing loan/mortgage account.


Derek Grimme

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  • PBW
    PBW Member

    This is very annoying. I deactivated in an attempt to fix my online syncing issue and now can not re-add online services. I guess I'll have to manually track transactions because I don't want to start over.

  • Chris_QPW
    Chris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭

    They did this on purpose due to a limitation of the system that was implemented for downloading loan accounts, so it is doubtful this can/will be changed.

    You will notice that when setup for downloading a loan account that they hide the register.
    They did this because the whole idea of the download is "to believe what the financial institution sent".

    They don't have any way to "resync", and don't want the user changing anything that they have no solution to "reconcile".

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