How to change Budget year and create a historical budget


hello! I started using Quicken for the first time this week (Premier on Windows). I’m using it for our school’s parent-teacher association. I set up accounts, categories, and input several years worth of old data so far. The goal would be to have recent year’s historical data and transactions in there to be used for gauging upcoming year’s expense decisions. I found how to make a budget with the current year but I’d love to input last year’s budget to utilize the budget vs. expenditure feature for last year’s budget so that we could see how to adjust this year’s budget accordingly. I don’t see a way to change the budget year although I did find how to change the dates of the fiscal year (we run on a June to May year).


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    Welcome to Quicken!

    To access a prior year's budget, go to the Planning > Budgets page and at the top select the Annual view. To the right of that selection are left and right arrows that let you select the budget year.

    Note that you can set up multiple named multi-year budgets, which are independent of each other.

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