Unable to backup after latest update on 7/9/24


I cannot backup, and I also cannot close Quicken after I try. I have to control/alt/delete to get out. I feel sure this is a bug in the latest update.

Please address this issue, Quicken. My ability to backup before the update was spotty, but now it's gone, and the program freezes.

Windows 11, all updates installed. Quicken Classic.



  • NotACPA
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    Please do HELP, About Quicken and tell the BUILD that you're running. Because this issue was supposedly fixed by today's release.

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  • Judy M.
    Judy M. Member ✭✭

    I used Quicken Classic on Windows 11 successfully on 7/8/24, didn't use it on the 9th, and when I tried to open it today (the 10th), it updated (currently Build 27.1.5726)…and when Quicken opened, all my data was missing from Quicken (bank accounts, property/debt, etc.) except for just one account. I worked for hours over the phone with a Quicken support rep (escalated from the support rep who answered the phone), and no matter what we tried, including a reinstallation of Quicken, the problem isn't fixed. Is this the result of the latest update? I've been using Quicken since 1991, and if I've lost all that data I don't know what I'm going to do!