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I recently switched from Quicken Deluxe to Quicken Home & Business 2017 because I need to be able to generate Profit & Loss reports.  I want all of my entries in each check register to show on the P&L report.  Right now the report only shows 2 categories even though I have all of them checked in the customize section.  How do I get this report to generate showing all of my expenses and income?  Thanks.


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    In Q, a category (no matter what it's called, or how you use it) is ONLY considered to be a Business category when you've assigned a Business (usually Sched C, but there are others) tax line to  it.

    And the P&L report only includes  categories that Q recognizes as "business".
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    Thank you for replying.  How do I assign that to each entry?  Is it possible to change all entries at once? 
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    To be included in business reports (and I don't know where else) you have to assign the category to a schedule C tax line item number. To check the tax line assignment open the Category list by either clicking on the Category Icon or go to Tools-Category List or Ctrl+Shift+C. Then select the category and right click on it to Edit it. Click on the Tax Reporting Tab and check the box for Tax related and pick a Schedule C: tax line item.

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    You could have created an Income/Expense report in Quicken Deluxe that is the exact same as a Profit/Loss statement.

    Just filter the Income/Expense By Category report to ONLY include the income and expense categories that pertain to your business... or if you use a separate checking and/or credit card account for your business, just filter the report to only include those checking and credit card accounts.
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