Spending over time current month compared to last month

Hello, I am trying to see if Quicken can do a report similar to Mint where you see two lines over time showing spending for the current month and spending for the last month. Vertical axis is money spent, horizontal is days of the month and the line typically increases from left to right as more money is spent from the beginning of the month to the end.

I find this view to be very useful for trying to improve from one month to the next.



  • txfeinbergs
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    i.e. like this.....
  • Jim_Harman
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    Quicken does not have exactly that graph, but you might look at the Cash Flow Comparison report comparing the current month vs last month or the Current Budget report which has a comparison of current spending vs budget. 

    You can also see how you are doing vs your budget in the Planning > Budget view set to Graph and monthly.

    In my case spending varies quite a lot month to month due to planned quarterly or annual items such as insurance premiums and tax payments, so a comparison vs prior year or vs budget is more useful than comparing to the previous month.
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  • txfeinbergs
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    Jim, much appreciated! I really wasn't expecting I would get a response on this (and definitely not that quickly). I had been a Quicken user for about 20 years but figured the writing was on the wall when I heard Intuit was going to sell it. I migrated to Mint, but am getting annoyed at all the advertisements now so am giving Quicken another shot.
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