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Advance Report (I guess) - Can I, and if so how?, do a report that would summarize the data I want?

I'd love to be able to print a monthly report that has the following columns (rows would be categories):
1. Year to date spending
2. Average Month Spending (YTD/#of months thus far in year, such as 7 for July)
3. Current Budget - whether a particular month, quarter or year
4. Current month spending to date - whether a particular month, quarter or year
5. Difference in month's spending to date.
I know how to get a report with the last 3 items. And I know how to get a report with the first two. Short of exporting both to Excel and combining them, can I create this report in Quicken? How? For bonus points, it'd be great to be able to optionally get all months (or quarters for year printed along with their budgets. In other words, item #1, #2 and then items #3-#5 for every month if a monthly report or every quarter if quarterly. Any great report writers out there? And for EVEN MORE BONUS points, how can I learn to do this level of report writing? The support videos and materials are too simple.

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