How to read Security Reports

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The subject is: Security Reports.

 Specifically, I'm trying to understand (in the simplest terms possible) three colums as follows: Cash, Amount Invested and Cash+Invest. Allow me to please elaborate on why I'm asking this question.

 I have a mutual fund that shows a negative (loss) when I go to Security View. I've owned this particular fund since April 2010. Every month I automatically purchased shares (Dollar-Cost Average.) Every month the fund has distributed dividends which have been reinvested and purchased more shares. In the month of December of several years the fund has distributed Short and/or Long Term Capital Gains which have been reinvested.

 In plain English, this fund shows a clear loss (for tax purposes) but I believe when I take into account the distributions I'm seeing a different picture.

 So, can someone explain (in very simple terms) what I'm actually seeing in the Security Report?

Thank you for trying to explain maybe a very dumb question.

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    Jim and HTH: Thank you both for your help and thoughtful responses. I was a little embarrassed to even ask the question but I was confident that the Quicken user community would once again rise to the occasion.
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