How To Remove Account column from Register Report

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When printing a register report, I would like to have remove the column (taking up too much space ) for the bank account (because they are all the same) and just have it as the title of the report. ex "Bank Register Report". This will allow me to increase the print size when I print them out because I like the page width to be fitted on 1 page wide.

Is there a report I can do this, hide a column, save the setting of a report, make all register report default to this setup?

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    Thanks I found the Option. Fixed
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    It sounds to me like you're clicking the "Accounts" tab and unchecking the Account there.  The Accounts tab tells the report writer what Accounts "feed" the report so if you uncheck the credit card Account under the tab, there's nothing to report.
    Uncheck the Account column under the "Show Columns" area that right there on the first page of the customization process.  That removes the column from the report.
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