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Account username change

Wells Fargo recently required me to change the username I use to access my accounts. Accordingly, I deactivated Quicken online access for all my Wells Fargo accounts. Then I reconnected Quicken to Wells Fargo using my new username. However, Quicken still tries to use the old username, and requests the password for it every time I sync. The accounts fail to sync. I believe this is a bug in Quicken.

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  • caseybarker
    caseybarker Member ✭✭
    Thanks for the response, @Quicken_Tyka. Deleting the old account from the keychain and then reconnecting got my checking account working again. Thanks!

    Unfortunately, I still see the same problem for my mortgage account, and it's still somehow referring to the same old account name, so I'm not sure where it's even finding that anymore. I'm hesitant to experiment too many times with this, because I think Quicken failures are what caused Wells Fargo to reset my account in the first place.
  • caseybarker
    caseybarker Member ✭✭
    Rats. I selected "Quicken Connect," as the connection type, and the account still says it's using "Quicken Connect", but Wells Fargo insists that I connected with "Direct Connect" and now wants to charge me a fee. <sigh>

    Somewhere between Quicken and Wells Fargo, there are terrible, terrible bugs and a lack of integration testing. Fortunately, I don't really use this Wells Fargo account for much, so losing the connection doesn't hurt that much. It's just highly frustrating.
  • caseybarker
    caseybarker Member ✭✭
    edited February 2020
    [removed self-referencing link]

    I attempted to reconnect my Wells Fargo account to Quicken using a new username. After following the procedure and deleting the old keychain entries, I got it working. As expected, Quicken shows the "Connection Type" is "Quicken Connect." However, Wells Fargo just emailed me to say I had somehow activated "Direct Connect." I did no such thing, but now they want to charge me a fee for it, so I'm having to deactivate the downloads again.

    I'm pretty sure this is *another* a bug, either with Quicken or Wells Fargo.
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