Will Reports Still Be Available After Cancel Subscription?

Longtime user here, currently on Quicken for Windows 2017. Since downloads are about to inactivate, I’m deciding whether to move to the new subscription model or switch products. If I buy the subscription now, will I forever be able to run and print Quicken reports on all existing data, even if I later cancel my subscription? The FAQ says “you’ll have access to the data forever” but doesn’t clarify what that means. Just being able to view the register wouldn’t be enough, as I need to make sure I can get at all historical data in case of tax audit. Thank you!



  • Sherlock
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    As long as you're not using the Starter edition, you should have access to all of the reports after the subscription expires.  Essentially, the behavior is the same as when the Online Services expire in prior years except there is a large permanent banner on the application window informing us the subscription has expired.
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