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Should there still be updates with the Quicken Subscription?

Recently switched over to Quicken Subscription. I thought one of the benefits of using the Quicken Subscription product was that all updates were automatic on their end. When I opened Quicken this morning, I was prompted to install new updates. Did I misunderstand about the updates? Should I still be doing updates?

Specifically it say..."Quicken for Mac 5.16.1 is now available. You have 5.15.3. Would you like to download and install the new version now?"

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  • Dorothy HDorothy H Member ✭✭
    The prompt is asking me to "download and install." I thought the program was all online and not on my computer. Is that not correct?
  • Dorothy HDorothy H Member ✭✭
    Thank you all. I don't know why I had the impression that the subscription service was based on the program being online, but I did. Thanks all for the info and reassurance. Am downloading/installing the updates now.
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