Starter 2013 to latest Deluxe - how to?

I've been using the latest Deluxe for two years and love it. My brother set up my mom with the Starter Edition 2013 way back when and I would like to upgrade her to the latest Deluxe version. How do I go about this without losing entries and categories? --OR-- Can I have both the 2013 version running in order to get to old data and also have the current version running to get to new data? In which case, can I copy the categories from 2013 to the current? -- In some ways I'd prefer to start with a clean slate because the 2013 data hasn't been updated in 6 months, but I still need access to historical data somehow.


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    When the Quicken 2013 formatted files are opened by the Quicken subscription, they will be converted to the format used by the Quicken subscription.  The original files will be saved in a folder within the folder that contains the Quicken file being opened.

    If you want to start a new Quicken file, select File > New Quicken File....

    We do not lose access to the previous files.
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