Why can't Quicken fix the problem with downloading transaction info from Chase accounts??

This problem has been going on for WEEKS now! Also, why have you disabled the ability to comment on known problem announcements?


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    Announcements are always closed. They are there for Quicken Inc to announce the state of things, not to be filled up with comments.  You can always create your own question like you just did or post on "non announcement" threads.

    And my recommendation on the problem with Chase accounts is to switch to Direct Connect which isn't affected by the same problem that Express Web Connect is having with the Chase accounts.  It is free for personal accounts.
    (I'm always using the latest Quicken Windows Premier subscription version)
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    Yeh, well thanks for your recommendation to switch to Direct Connect, but as I suspected, if I do that Chase will be charging me $9.95 a month. [removed - violation of community guidelines]
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    mfg2020 said:  but as I suspected, if I do that Chase will be charging me $9.95 a month.
    Are your Chase accounts listed as - Personal or Business -

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