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I have transactions of the same Payee with different names. How to make a rule with a keyword only?

Hi, If I have a different Payee name at transactions, but the same company, can I make an automatic rule, that different payments with the keyword for instance “76 - SpeeDee” will be all processed under one rule?
I have multiple payments with Payee names like:

76 - SPEEDEE MART 110 8570 W SAH
76 - SPEEDEE MART 113 10/03 PURC
SpeeDee Mart 119

etc. So I need just to take a “76 - SPEEDEE” that Quicken will all process these and I do not have to make 3 different rules.

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    Thank you for all comments. I hit enter before I finished the post and I do not know how to edit it :)
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