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How do I edit a category to income plus be a subcategory at the same time? I have rent entered as an expense and want to change it to income but to be placed in a subcategory of one account. It seems that I can only do one or the other, but not both!! 


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    Let me understand further what you are trying to do. What version of Quicken are you using - if you have Home& Business it has Rent categories built in. If you are using Deluxe yes you can change categories - but a category and an account are 2 separate things. Categories are related to transactions not accounts? So can you explain what you are trying to do in a little more detail?
  • I have the 2019 cd of Quicken. I've got a hot mess with this new version so far. I'm trying to get the transaction in a category to be as an income, and still be under the subcategory of another. I'm not using the rental aspect of it because it's already a disaster with all the conversions, etc. I used to use 2013 and the only reason I upgraded was because of the rental aspect. Now I'm selling the rental building and wont' be needing it and I understand that I can't go back to the 2013, right? I'm thinking of junking it all and using an excel sheet for the little I use it. Maybe I was instructed by a person that really didn't understand everything, and I've slowly been trying to figure my own way around Quicken. It's not been easy for sure.  Right now my one rent that is a subcategory of a category ( a rental building) but is showing as a personal expense. When I do a report it's okay, it's just all lumped under expenses which are in black, but the rent is in red.

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    A subcategory inherits the "income" or "expense" attribute of its parent category. So you can't have an income subcategory of an expense category. If you try that, the result is exactly what you are seeing; Quicken is showing you the "negative expense" in red.
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  • okay....got it!! Thanks. Since I"m not using the rental aspect of Quicken where do I put the rent  income from two separate buildings?
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    Hello @Barb

    Thank you for the response and the question. In life, where does this income go? Is this account tracked in Quicken?

    Are you encountering any issues with entering this income into the account that has received this income?

    The more information you can provide the better able to assist we will be.

    Thank you,
    -Quicken Tyka
  • I meant that in my not using the rental property aspects of the new Quicken, I put the rent under the listed buildings, as I have them in Q13 before I upgraded. But......as someone previously answered me the buildings are under Personal expense, and if --for example--'rent' is a subcategory of " building A' then that rent is noted as an expense, not income. Yet when I do a report on the building, it's all under 'expense' although 'rent and the amount" is in red. How do I separate the 'rent' fro m being under the 'expense'  and back under 'income' for that building . ?
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    Are these buildings that you're renting out, or that you're paying rent on? If you are the landlord, presumably "Building A" is a source of income, so it should be an income category. Then any subcategories which are actually expenses will properly show up as negative numbers in red in your reports.
    I believe, however, that most landlords use Tags instead of Categories to denote each property. So you might have an income category "Rent" and an expense category "Rental Maintenance". You would have a Tag for Building A, which you would apply to each transaction as needed. In this scheme, you would not have or need a top-level category for Building A.
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