Creating Income and Expense report

When creating a Category Summary Report, I am unable to get "Money In or Income" to show even though I have the categories selected. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Really Quicken! I just upgraded from Quicken for Mac 2007 (I had to because I bought a new computer) and I'm appalled at the program now. We use the program for accounting and bookkeeping, personal and professional. Where are standard accounting reports? Income and Expense reports, Profit and Loss reports, Budget, Income Statements. Really!! I'm beyond frustrated! I use Quicken for Mac for 6 different checking accounts and your Quicken for Mac 2021 subscription has made me very frustrated!
  • Additionally, totals should be displayed at the BOTTOM for each category and NOT at the TOP. Who designed these reports? Obviously not people who understand standard accounting reporting.
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    @Tammy Connors  Hang on… what's the difference in your minds between an Income and Expense report, a Profit and Loss report, and an Income Statement. In my book, these are all the same thing -- and it/they exist in Quicken Mac. The Category Summary by Year (or Month or whatever time period you want) report is what you're looking for.

    The control over budget reporting is limited, but you can print the budget in summary or month-by-month format.

    What reports are you trying to do that you cannot figure out how to do in Quicken Mac. 

    P.S. You're not talking to Quicken management here; just fellow users and a few Quicken moderators who try to help fellow users. 
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