Synch with bank missing transactions

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several months of transactions are missing when I sync with my bank. How do I recover these?

Recent transactions are present, but transactions from a two month period do not transfer


  • mvbarnes
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    I have tried disconnecting from the bank and reconnecting. This does not help.
  • mvbarnes
    mvbarnes Member
    I am using Quicken 6.2.2 on MacOS 10.15.7
  • jacobs
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    Please provide more information so we can try to assist you.

    What bank? What is the connection method (e.g. Quicken Connect)? Are current transactions downloading correctly? What period of time is missing? Is this a new account in Quicken, or a new Quicken file you recently started?

    Typically, banks allow 90 days of transactions to download, but this may be longer or shorter depending on the bank. Quicken itself will download whatever is available from the bank to download.

    If you're looking for older transactions, your bank may have the option to download to your computer a file in QFX format, which can then be uploaded into Quicken. There will then likely be two accounts which need to be merged, and some checking to make sure there are no duplicate transactions. People here can help walk you through that process, but it's getting ahead of ourselves until you fill in some information.
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