Wells Fargo ongoing errors



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    I guess I'll just do web connect. This has been going on since June 29. Life is short.
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    Here we go again.. Error 101, Went 11 days with the prior error. Now day 3 of this. Wells says it's not their problem it's a paid service at $3 a month and cannot get the data. Tried to do a manual download it doesn't work. Come on Quicken get your act together.
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    I am getting an "Institution Login Sync Error" message. The transactions are downloading, but EVERY time I download, I get the message (screenshot attached). I have verified Direct Connect. I am running Quicken 6.2.2 (Build 602.39004.100) on Big Sur 11.3.1. The message is also for my Citi cards, but the downloads are fine.
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    The link Quicken Francisco posted shows the issue as resolved but I am continuing to have the issue as I have since July 21.

    <!-- ***** RECV from https://services.quicken.com/institution-logins/242231121535225856/poll at 08:30:56 on 20210727 ***** -->
    {"institutionLoginId":"242231121535225856","mode":"DISCOVER_AND_ADD_ACCOUNTS","status":"AGGREGATOR_IN_ERROR","aggregators":[{"channel":"FDS_DEFAULT","cpId":"10011741772950175","aggStatus":"CP_SCRIPT_ERROR","cpAggStatusCode":"ccscrape.101","cpAggStatusDetail":"Expected a ',' or '}' at 35826 [character 35827 line 1]","isProcessing":false}],"isProcessing":false}

    This morning, then deactivated my Wells Fargo account in Quicken.
    20210727 08:29:27: CC Request Complete ---- [Deactivating Wells Fargo VISA New account]: Status/Error Code : 0
  • The screen scrape error between Quicken and WellsFargo is back as of August 19, 2021. This seems to be a regular occurrence. Quicken is such a lousy service and I pay WAY too much for it.
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    And how do you know it's Quicken's fault?
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    The screen scrape error between Quicken and WellsFargo is back as of August 19, 2021. This seems to be a regular occurrence. Quicken is such a lousy service and I pay WAY too much for it.
    @charlesclloyd Think about the sequence of events. Well Fargo downloads were working and then it stopped. Did Quicken actively change its code to break it overnight? Or, more likely, did Well Fargo change something on their end to cause the existing Quicken login/download scripts to fail. 

    Now, do you think they gave Quicken (actually Intuit, who runs connectivity services for Quicken) a heads up several days in advance of the change so that Intuit could work in advance to tweak their scripts to make a seamless transition? Or, more likely, did Well Fargo roll out a change and now Quicken/Intuit find this out from customers, and have to fit this into their work schedule (midst all the other changes they're working on every day) to get things running again?

    It would be great if there were digital banking systems which worked flawlessly and continuously amount banks and personal finance programs, but that's not reality. There are various standards all parties try to use, but sometimes they code something wrong. And often, banks make changes for larger marking or security purposes and their connectivity to Quicken -- which is used by a small percentage of their users -- is an afterthought, or something they didn't realize would break with their change, or not a thought at all. So the reality is that Quicken/Intuit, who work with some 14,000 financial institutions, are constantly in chase mode to keep up with changes that banks and brokerages make. (If every financial institution which Quicken works with made just one change in their systems per year, that would amount to more than 50 changes to discover and fix every single workday.) It's an imperfect system because the banking industry has no motivation to revamp it. So Quicken (an other software providers) chug along in this game of whack-a-mole, trying as best they can to detect and fix ongoing changes from financial institutions and frustrating customers when things are broken.

    As for cost, if we all paid Quicken what we pay for services like our cell phones or our cable/Internet, perhaps they could have a team of people five times as large working around the clock to fix these issues faster. But we pay them an annual fee which is less than a single month's cell phone or cable bill, and we get a service which works most of the time but is prone to outages when financial institutions break the status quo.
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    > @"Don Orr" said:
    > I have been using "Quicken" software since its inception as "Managing Your Money" (about 30 years) and am seriously considering finding another solution.
    > I have had continual problems downloading my data from Wells Fargo and spent many, many hours on the phone with Quicken over that MANY year period.
    > Things work for a small period of time, and then I again can only download my data from Wells Fargo, one account at a time.
    > My present problem commenced about two weeks ago and remains unresolved. Tonight I tried again to get the accounts to download and then decided to check the Quicken password for my Wells Fargos account. It was then I discovered Quicken has changed the password file and no longer allows me to update/edit my account passwords. WHY? How can a password be edited?
    > Additionally, when Quicken would not download my Wells Fargo account data, I accomplished a download from the Wells Fargo account, none of my transactions after 7/2/21 display and my account balance in Quicken reports as 0, which is a huge difference from the actual balance.
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    I have been downloading from Wells Fargo for many years. [removed - inaccurate/speculation]  I decided if I could upgrade my Quicken prog ram it would be cheaper than paying for downloading Haven't discovered how to present this to Quicken powers
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