I had to deactivate connect with suntrust and now activation is CC-929. What's the prob?

I have used the One-Step Update connection for Suntrust for years. Now it will not activate. What is the Problem?


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    If you haven't already, you may want to review: https://www.quicken.com/support/error-when-adding-accounts-cc-929
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    Didn’t Suntrust get morphed into Truist
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    Suntrust Bank downloads suddenly stopped working. I followed help prompts then eventually to deactivate then reactivate the account. Connection to bank then tells me I have to change password. I did that then get a 929 error. I'm stuck in a loop. I'm aware that SunTrust merged into Truist Bank. Problem probably began on their end. Now the problem seems to be on both ends. I'm dead in the water. I cannot reactivate the account. I imagine that anyone who connects with SunTrust has this problem.
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    Hello @LeannePate

    Thank you for reaching out to Quicken Community. I apologize you are having this issue, as it can be quite frustrating. Before assisting further I just wanted clarification on one aspect. Were you able to sign out and back in successfully? Also how long has this issue been persisting? 

    Please provide further details so that we may move forward in diagnosing this issue. 

    -Quicken Paloma 
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    If you search the forum, you can see the other postings with the same problem.   Basically, TRUIST has not completed their contracting with Quicken for downloading support - therefore they don’t exist … 
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    Yes, I received a CC-929 because of the problem, which is not the CC-929, but the interface between QUICKEN and SUNTRUST/TRUIST. I understand both are working on it but as of 8/29/2021 the connection process (active online for the Suntrust account) is yet to be resolved.
  • I chatted with a Truist help person today. He claims that Truist has completed their work on this but that Quicken has not. I imagine that Quicken would tell you the reverse. HOWEVER, I learned something that may be helpful until this is resolved. If you log into your Truist account web page, choose "See all results/transactions" or such, between the Search and Print icons at the top there is a download icon. Choose the file type "Quicken (*.qfx) from the drop down menu and you can download a file to enter into Quicken manually. Interestingly, when I used Mozilla Firefox to download, a pdf file arrived rather than a qfx file. When I used Chrome for the download I got the correct qfx file. Very strange. Now I'm going to attempt to import the manually downloaded file.
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